Privacy Policy

No information will be shared or sold to a third party. All information is kept confidential with staff within the salon. All personal information including; your names, home phone number, business phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address and address: will be kept confidential by the staff. Your personal information will not be shared with other people outside Silvana’s staff and will be kept in out computer system which will be kept password protected at all times. The staff will also use the information to confirm, move and cancel any pending appointments. Your information may also be used to inform you of any upcoming events and promotions.

All e-mail addresses will also be used for direct one on one correspondence from the main work computer.  Your e-mail will be used for mass mail-outs to inform you of events and promotions. When your address is used in a mass mail-out we will use BBC to keep everyone anonymous.

House addresses will also be used for mass mail-outs and birthday acknowledgment.

Health history will be kept confidential and on file. Your health history can only be accessed and viewed by a staff member who is performing a service in which your health may be a factor. The information will be used to accurately perform the service. When the staff member is finished the service they will personally lock your file into our filing cabinet.

We may ask for your credit card information to use as a deposit for booking large appointments. The information will only be kept on record for a temporary basis.  Your credit card will only be charged if the appointment is cancelled in less than 72 hours or if no one shows for the appointment.  Only then will your credit card be accessed by the staff under direction of the management.

Should you want any information removed from our system we must be contacted via phone, e-mail or with written notice. When you contact us please specify what you would like removed. Please make sure you date your request if you are requesting by e-mail or mail.

Your personal information may be used anonymously for graphing purposes (e.g. Product sales, clients by region and service to date). All results will be used in confidentiality by Silvana’s staff and management.

For more information, please contact us. Email: Phone: 905-522-7511