Balayage & Specialty Lightening

4 hours:

When you are hoping to achieve the maximum amount of lightness and impact during a single session, choose the transformation service. This allows us to schedule the proper amount of time necessary to add as many highlights as possible in a single colouring session. When going lighter with balayage, ombre, or another specialized technique, you must remember that in most cases it will always require multiple sessions for the desired results to be achieved. Respecting the health of your hair is always our top priority. Please purchase the recommended homecare by your technician to keep your hair in the healthiest condition possible. If your hair is previously coloured, please contact us for a consultation as you may require a color corrective visit instead.

3 Hours:

This will give you a more lived-in, sun kissed look. This is a great option if you are transitioning from traditional highlights to a lower maintenance, lived-in look. It includes lightening around the face, with the classic “money-piece”. If this is your first visit to do a speciality blonding service and you are not hoping for a very dramatic or extra light blonde in your first session, you can most likely book for this service. If you want a significant dramatic change, choose the 4-hour lightening option. If your hair is previously coloured, please contact us for a consultation as you may require a color corrective visit instead.

2 hours:

If you are a returning guest that has had balayage, or another specialty blonding service done with us in the past 12 weeks. The focus is about keeping the hairline/face framing area bright. This is ideal to maintain your blonde between the 4-hour lightening sessions by bringing up your money piece/face framing section. The highlights are perfectly placed specifically around the face frame and temple areas and a few on top. If you are looking for added highlights and brightness throughout your whole head instead of just the face framing area. You probably need to book in for the 3-hour lightening service instead of the 2-hour lightening service.

Important* – This service is not offered for new guests and is only available for returning lightening service guests. If you are a new guest, please book for the 3-hour or 4-hour specialty lightening service.

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Please note that your visit with us may take longer than expected or require more product than anticipated. We will do our best to communicate this with you during your visit and in your consultation. Any additional costs will be reflected in your final bill. If you ever have any questions during your visit with us about price or timing, please be sure to ask your technician.